Cinders – Michelle Davidson Argyle

CindersCinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle

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Goodreads First Reads Winner!

I would like to thank Michelle D. Argyle who sent the autographed copy of her book all the way to Indonesia. 🙂



A Cinderella story… like never told before.

Cinders is an adult fantasy fiction and a debut by author Michelle Davidson Argyle.

Most of us are familiar with various kinds of Cinderella stories, which usually follows a similar pattern—a damsel in distress, evil stepmother and stepsisters, fairy godmother, Prince Charming, the castle, the ball, and finally the marriage (or the so-called happily-ever-after).

In Cinders readers would not be fed with such a thing. The story is a continuation of the Cinderella story we are used to hearing. The tag line at the upper side of the front cover emphasizes that “Happily-ever-after isn’t as long as you thought”.

What if Cinderella isn’t in love with Prince Charming?

What if her fairy godmother is in prison, waiting for death?

What if the King and Queen aren’t as kind as she expected?

I love a story with a lot of “what ifs”, it shows that the author has simply refused to follow the usual pattern, and went beyond most people’s imagination. And for Cinders, I think the author is pretty sure of what she’s doing.

Cinderella—whose real name is Christina in this story, after a few weeks of her new life as a princess, felt unhappy living inside castle walls. She wasn’t used to servants do everything for her or to be escorted everywhere. As she is required to learn and to act as true royalty, she felt the weight of the crown in her head.

She wasn’t sure of her feelings to the Prince (his name in his book is Rowland) because she’s still haunted by her first love, a mysterious stranger she sees every now and then in her dreams. She wondered if Rowland’s love for her is true or was it just the spell.

When everything felt so wrong Cinderella took a dangerous chance to see her fairy godmother in prison, and the rendezvous lead her into unveiling the mystery of her dreams.

If I could reduce Cinders to one word, then I would say “interesting”. The story wasn’t really a bomb, but once again it is interesting to see how an author would create a whole new post-marriage life of Cinderella, and twisted with magical powers, creatures, psychological conflict and fragments of the kingdom’s political situation, these things make Cinders worth to give a try. And I am genuinely looking forward to what Ms. Argyle could do in her next work.
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Paperback, 182 pages
Published June 23rd 2010 by CreateSpace


5 thoughts on “Cinders – Michelle Davidson Argyle

  1. Eh…templatenya berubah dikit nih, hehe…tadi kirain salah masuk rumah.
    Memang seharusnya dongeng anak2 dibuat ‘agak’ lebih manusiawi dikit ya. Merupakan pembohongan universal loh kata2 ‘..and they live happily ever after..’


    1. Template nya ganti krn bosan n yg lama kayaknya terlalu rame aja ;p

      “Memang seharusnya dongeng anak2 dibuat ‘agak’ lebih manusiawi dikit ya. Merupakan pembohongan universal loh kata2 ‘..and they live happily ever after..’”
      Setuju bgt mbak, tapi buku ini bukan buku anak2 loh, tapi Adult Fantasy.


  2. Mbak Mel udah baca? *envy*. Ini masuk wishlist. Penasaran sama retelling Cinderella. Apalagi yang satu ini katanya CInderellanya itu *lalu sensor*

    Temen udah ada yang retelling. Dan aku udah baca. Aku juga pengen retelling Cinderella pake versiku. Udah ada sih inti ceritanya. Tapi pengen punya banyak cerita Cinderella dulu. Pengen cari tahu ada gak penulis yang bisa berbuat tega pada Cinderellanya #eh


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