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European Reading Challenge 2012

READING IS AN ADVENTURE, is it not? Readers are travelers, who needn’t too much money, who doesn’t have to worry about getting tickets, permits, and all that packing-unpacking rush. That is why I decided to join European Reading Challenge 2012, hosted by Rose City Reader.

The idea of the challenge is:

to read books by European authors or books set in European countries (no matter where the author comes from). The books can be anything – novels, short stories, memoirs, travel guides, cookbooks, biography, poetry, or any other genre. You can participate at different levels, but each book must be by a different author and set in a different country – it’s supposed to be a tour.

I will sign myself in the level of participation Five Star (Deluxe Entourage): Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.

I’ve read these three books set in three European countries so far until March, and below these 3 books I will update all of my readings for this challenge:

England             : A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens –> READ

Russia                 : City of Thieves, by David Benioff –> READ

France                : The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, by Victor Hugo –> READ

Vatican City       : Pope Joan, by Donna Woolfolk Cross –> READ

Germany              : The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink –> READ

….. (the list will be updated)


Hopefully next I could “travel” to many different areas in Europe, like Italy, Germany, Sweden, and so on. I already had books set in Hungary and Lithuania too! Weeeeeee! (I can’t help it, this is exciting). Are you interested in joining? Visit Rose City Reader for detailed info regarding to this challenge.


3 thoughts on “European Reading Challenge 2012”

  1. Thanks for signing up for this challenge! I’ll translate your reviews so I can read them. 🙂 Please post links to your reviews on teh review page.


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