You know you’ve read too many classics when…

Surrounded By Books!  (watercolor)

You know you’ve read too many classics when…

1. You have read at least 12 of the 100 books in the BBC’s Big Read list. (according to BBC, most people only read 6 of the 100 books in this list)

2. The first thing that came into your mind when you read the word “count” is The Count of Monte Cristo, or Count Dracula, or any Count in the classics. When actually what you read was “the election quick count”. –> Happens to me!

3. When asked of an ideal type of husband, you think of Mr. Darcy.

4. When a friend recommends you a book, you asked him/her: “Is the author dead yet?”

5. You have no idea what the hell is an ARC.

6. You went out with a guy yesterday. Then you tell your best friend about him the next day. What you said was, “Oh, he was such an agreeable young gentleman,” rather than, “Oh, the dude’s cool.”

7. You have incurable addiction to period drama films.

8. You know that Bella Swan is addicted to depression considering Wuthering Heights is her favorite book. (No offense, Twi-hards!)

9. You are a member of The Classics Club Project. 😀

10. ……………

I made this list just for fun; of course there is no problem at all with reading too many classics. 😀
Any ideas? You are most welcome to complete this list. If I find your idea interesting I may add it in the post. 😉


3 thoughts on “You know you’ve read too many classics when…

  1. haha… no. 4 —i’m never done that :D, no. 5 — i just found that few weeks ago har-har-har, maybe i can add to the list, “when you tell a stories with full enthusiasm and full description about classic stories, even the light one such as hisfic, the others just says : i just like light-reading, simple book, not hard-thick classic books” … it was happens again last night, and i never bore to tell everyone about this, why, ’cause i’m a bookaholic who also likes everything classic 😀


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