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Lasting Impression on Nineteen-Eighty Four

A Classics Challenge prompt this month is rather easy, I can say. 🙂

Before we move further, let me tell you the topic for A Classics Challenge prompt this month:

Lasting Impression

 Choose one of the Classics you’ve read this year or are currently reading.

What is a moment, quote, or character that you feel will stay with you? Years from now, when some of the details have faded, that lasting impression the book has left you with… what is it? –or why did it fail to leave an impression?

Right now I’m still reading George Orwell’s most famous work, Nineteen-Eighty Four. Anyone who has read it must be familiar with this slogan:


That’s it. These are the five words that made me imagining if I lived in a world where the government controls your every thought and act.  A world where anything can be revised and rewritten; and everybody must receive “the revised version” as the truth. A world where literature has no place, for anybody should use the Newspeak language which reduced and simplified any expression ever existed. (NO NO NO, I CAN NOT live in this kind of world, for I love literature so so much). A world where human beings are merely dolls or robots.

Pic copied from here

I haven’t had much experience in reading dystopian novels, but this work; being one of the first (and best) dystopian novels ever written, has the power of haunting its readers from the first time it was published until today. “Big Brother”, despite that he may or may never exist (who knows) will haunt me for ever.


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