Surgabukuku is 2 years old! Who’s the Giveaway winner?

Hi you guys!

Today Surgabukuku is officially 2 years old! Woo to the hoo! I wanna thank all my friends, followers, and readers for your support for my blog. I could never make it to 2 years without you all.

Happy anniversary greeting from WP! 😉

Below are some stats about Surgabukuku until today, November 23rd, 2012:


Top 15 Popular Posts on Surgabukuku

I have read all your comments in the 2nd Blogoversary Giveaway post. I am flattered that most of you love my header and the Borges quote. I love it too! In fact, the Borges quote was where I got inspiration to name my blog “Surgabukuku”. As for the header image, no I didn’t make it myself, I took it from Vladstudio. The owner of Vladstudio provided wallpapers for free, and his works are awesome!

And some of you complained about the font color in my blog. I’m so sorry to say that the font color is brought automatically by the theme and if I change it manually the links would not show in blue (like this). If I want to darken the font color I would have to change the theme, and honestly I have fallen in love with the current theme I’m using now. But I’m grateful for your concerns. It shows that you want to read my posts. I hope you would still be a faithful visitor to my blog! Hehehe.

I also would like to announce that I will be hosting a national Harry Potter reading event next year. (See the event’s button on the right sidebar) National means that the event is open for Indonesian participants. Wait for the Master Post to be published in this blog on November 27th, 2012.

Now, the one that you all have been waiting for, the Winner Announcement! Thanks to all for your participation. Unfortunately I have to disqualify 2 people for not answering the mandatory question to enter my giveaway: Tell me what you like best from this blog. And some of you did not do the optional entries like following my blog, following me on Twitter or liking my Page. Well I’m going to play fair and not disqualify anyone who did not do one or two of the optional entries. Instead I cut down your points for the giveaway.


Congratulations to………

Ferry Juni Ismarianto (@FJRean)

Please reply my e-mail in 48 hours or else I’ll pick another winner.

See you in other posts, and love you all! :*


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