My First Ever Clothbound Classics: Les Misérables

It is a book which I never lost words of. Some of you may be tired already of hearing me talk about it over and over again (on my blog, on Twitter, or wherever :D). I even featured it on my 12th Wishful Wednesday meme, hoping that someway, somehow, I would be able to get the clothbound copy of the book for my Christmas present. Well, I didn’t receive it for Christmas, but early on January this year Joon Ann at A Novel Attachment hosted a giveaway for Let’s Read Plays event participants. She offered an Amazon Gift Card valued USD 20 to the winner and I was most surprised that I AM THE WINNER!

From the very start, I have intended the gift card to buy a clothbound copy of Les Misérables, if I should win Joon Ann’s giveaway. But the problem with Amazon for Indonesian customers, is that their shipping price is quite expensive. Buying the book (clothbound copy of Les Misérables) on Amazon costs about USD 16.5 while the shipping price to Indonesia is about USD 10 for that one book. Fortunately, Fanda the host of Let’s Read Plays (who was buying something from Amazon too) managed to join our orders so that each one of us could pay less than USD 10 for the shipping of the books.

Because Fanda was the one who processed our orders, the books (my Les Mis and her order) were sent to her place, and then she sent it to my place (Fanda and I live in the same city, you see). And finally on February 19th, I was able to hold the book in my hands. (If you think that I prized too highly of the book, I don’t care. It IS a treasure for me.)

I have mentioned that it is my first clothbound book ever right? Well, I hope this one book is the start of many clothbound classics I will be collecting! *Amen*

Again, thanks to Fanda and Joon Ann that I can have this beautiful book.








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