Classic Books I’m Reading This Month – The Classics Club’s May meme

Hi, there!

You know, I just love this month’s The Classics Club’s meme question, because it’s really easy! All you have to do is share what classic books you will be reading this month. I have been busy these days and I didn’t read any classics at all on April (huhu!), but this month I want to get back on track.

classics may

This month some friends at the Indonesian Book Bloggers and I are reading The Great Gatsby together before the movie comes out in cinema. And then for Let’s Read Plays event, participants are supposed to read a Shakespeare tragedy, but I don’t feel like reading tragedy this month.  So I decided to switch the Shakespeare tragedy with Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest (and Fanda the LRP host had personally approved too!) I heard that the play is hilarious, can’t wait to read it! And lastly, I really hope I can squeeze one more classics into my reading schedule this month, which is The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. What made this book won a Pulitzer Prize? I’m really curious.

So that was all the classics I intend to read this month, I would love to know yours too!


13 thoughts on “Classic Books I’m Reading This Month – The Classics Club’s May meme

  1. Ahh…these are 3 of my favorite books! Knowing you, I bet you’ll love The Yearling. And Importance will make you laugh uncontrollably (alert–don’t read this in public, please! :P)


  2. Great choices! I’m re-reading Gatsby with Fanda this month too! I loved The Yearling and I’m going to re-read Earnest for Let’s Read Plays later this year. I’m actually seeing a performance of it this weekend!


  3. Gatsby is a great novel. I’ve read it twice, once while in University and again last year. It’s great that you’re reading it with others; it’s a book that really makes you want to discuss it.


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