Fahrenheit 451 Explained in a 3-Minute Video

Recently a Jack Collins e-mailed me about a video explaining Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 in less than 3 minutes. Academic Earth, a website that provides free online courses supported by world’s top universities, explained one of the world’s dystopian masterpieces with excellent hand-drawn illustrations that make it all the more interesting. I usually consult Sparknotes.com for literary study guides, and now I’m glad that I have one more source to learn from. However, I wish that the narrator wouldn’t speak that fast. I’m grateful that a transcript is available under the video, but if both transcript and English subtitle option is available it would be very helpful, especially for learners whose mother language is not English, like myself.

A screenshot of the video

You can watch the video HERE.

Academic Earth has many original videos in wide range of subjects, you can browse them here. I hope they will add more literary study guides soon. Thanks to Jack Collins for letting me know about Academic Earth!

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