15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 6: Book Buying


Hey, I’m back at the Day 6 of the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge!

In the last two years, my book buying has been done online, mostly. While I still enjoy browsing books at an offline store, I found that I can find specific books more easily if I do it online. My favorite online bookstore is still The Book Depository (Bookdepository.com and Bookdepository.co.uk). The best thing about The Book Depository is that they provide free shipping to almost EVERYWHERE . While the shipping price from USA to Indonesia if I buy a book from Amazon equals, well, A BOOK, I think it’s clear why I love Bookdepository so much. And I also love buying Wordsworth Classics there at their best prices. I mean, you can get The Great Gatsby for less than USD 3. Plus FREE SHIPPING. WORLDWIDE. I know, right. And sometimes they do book offers at a really crazy price. Look forward to their 100 Book Offers event.

Another online bookstore I like to buy from is Better World Books. BW Books offers free worldwide shipping too, and they also provide new and used books. The price of new books on BW Books is more expensive than Book Depository, but their used books are quite a remedy if you want a book and you know that it’s still expensive everywhere else. I know what you must be thinking, used books…. well, they are USED. However, I’ve always been careful to choose Used Good or Used Very Good copies on BW Books, and fortunately, I have never been disappointed by the condition of the books I bought there. BW Books gives their customers a lot of extra discounts  too, but usually one should buy 3 or more books to get the discount.

Here are my latest buys at BW Books (they just arrived earlier today):

20130729_154759 20130729_100837

Other than those two online bookstores, sometimes I buy books from nation-wide online bookstores and even more rarely I do spontaneous book shopping at offline bookstores. How about you?


If you want to join 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, simply visit Good Books and Good Wine blog HERE.


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