15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 8: Things that Appeal to Me on Blogs


Gosh, it has been almost a month since I post the last entry for 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge. So, without any further ado, here is Day 8:

15 bullet points of things that appeal to ME on blogs


  • Bright colored background (um, soft colors, please. Colors like yellow and orange for background hurts my eyes.)
  • Clean and simple layout (therefore, quick to load)
  • Vintage look
  • Photographic images
  • Standard type of font (I hate blogs with “handwriting” font. And the size should be big enough to be easy to read.)
  • No music! If I want to hear music, I will listen to my own playlist.
  • Not too many images in one post (they get me annoyed) unless many images are required for the post, e.g. Book Haul post.
  • Pictures of his/her book collection (YES to bookporn!)
  • Reviews of classic books
  • Reviews of books I want to read
  • Reviews of books I love (I like knowing the perspective of another person when they read the book)
  • Unique writing style (I love it when a blogger writes with their own style)
  • An index of reviews, it makes easy to see what sort of books they write reviews about.
  • Their social media links (if I like their posts, I would want to follow them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)
  • Personal posts. They are still about books of course, but they tell readers more about you. What sort of book covers you like, do you prefer to buy books instead of borrowing them from the library, your favorite spot to read, and the books that relate to you personally. Yep, tell the world more about yourself!

What things appeal to you on blogs?

If you want to join 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, simply visit Good Books and Good Wine blog HERE.


One thought on “15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 8: Things that Appeal to Me on Blogs

  1. most of these things work for me. One more thing to add is easy option for commenting. A lot of blogger blogs use capcha and they are so annoying. most of the times I end up not commenting.


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