15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 9: Why I Blog About Books


Why do I blog about books?


Firstly, because I love books. I’ve been a book blogger ever since I’ve started being a blogger, and I couldn’t seem to write about anything else but books. Yes, that’s true. I do own a personal blog, my “garbage bin” where I wrote poems and rants and favorite stuff and whatever I like. But I never got serious at it (writing on my personal blog). For me it is a mere space to pour down feelings and to personally reflect. On the other hand, I am passionate about sharing about books, so I thought that’s what I should be doing on frequent basis.

Secondly, I blog about books simply to remember better. I realized that I couldn’t remember every book I’ve read; what did they make me feel, their best quotes and passages, their best (and worst) characters, which books scared the hell out of me and which books made me cry like a baby. Books are my friends. While we usually take photos with our friends, with books I like to snap the memories in a written piece. And it feels great to share the books you’ve read with others. It makes me so happy when someone decides to read a particular book after reading my review.

So, why do YOU blog about books?

If you want to join 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, simply visit Good Books and Good Wine blog HERE.


What do you think?

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