15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 11: My Best Blog Posts


Because my blog is written in two languages: English and Indonesian, I picked out 5 best blog posts from each language. I hope that you would enjoy reading them like I enjoyed writing them! Here they are:

My Best Posts – written in English:

  1. Book review: Fahrenheit 451. A book that reminded me to read good books first.
  2. Book review: The Book Thief. A book that… haunted me.
  3. Favorite Actor: Matthew Macfadyen. My favorite actor has starred in many classic literature adaptations. Nuff said.
  4. Visual Tour on Northanger Abbey. A challenge where the participants should find pictures that closely represents the scene, the description, and the mood of some passages in a classic book. I had lots of fun assembling this post!
  5. The State of a Changed Man in Music. Another challenge where the participants should find a piece of music that reflects a classic book. While other participants mostly chose classical music, I chose to combine two different things: epic music and Les Misérables.

My Best Posts – written in Indonesian (if you don’t speak Indonesian but you would like to read these posts, feel free to use online translator tools!):

  1. 5 Cover Novel Klasik Terjemahan Terjelek. In this post I criticized the covers of the classic books that have been translated into Indonesian.
  2. Book review: Pope Joan. I wrote this review using the “original” 5W+1H concept that was formulated by Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  3. Book review: Sejarah Singkat Traktor dalam Bahasa Ukraina. At the beginning of the review I explained that I am personally attracted to Ukraine, and that was the reason why I read this book. Read the rest of the review and you’ll understand why.
  4. Book review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. As an opening review post for Hotter Potter event (an Indonesian-wide Harry Potter reading event), I decided to write something different. Instead of an old-fashioned review, I imagined what would happen if some of the best fictional characters in English literature were brought together?
  5. Scene on Three: The Yearling. A post that described my favorite scene from The Yearling, which is the part when Jody and Penny secretly witnessed the dancing cranes on the marshes.

What are your best posts? Show ’em off! 😉

If you want to join 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, simply visit Good Books and Good Wine blog HERE.


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