History Reading Challenge 2014


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, 20th-century philosopher


History. Some people just can’t get enough of digging it. On the contrary, students get bored by it. History used to bore me too, until I discovered one wonderful thing called historical fiction. Surely, it is not enough. Historical fiction is meant to give emotion into a particular situation or chain of historical events. It is not meant for serious study in history.

So yes, I think it’s time to take my reading into a more serious level. I have some history books that I want to read next year, in participation of History Reading Challenge 2014:

 history rc 2014 books

  1. Jerusalem: Kesucian, Konflik, dan Pengadilan Akhir by Trias Kuncahyono
  2. The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester
  3. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
  4. A Short History of the World by H.G. Wells

So I’m taking the Scholar level by planning to read at least 4 history books. The first two books are in Indonesian language and the rest are in English. I might add one or two books on Indonesian history later on, because honestly, the last time I learned about it was in high school and you can say that I’ve already forgotten all about it.

Care to join us on A Sail to the Past? Move on to Fanda’s blog for details.

2 thoughts on “History Reading Challenge 2014

  1. Interesting choices, and we will be reading the same 2 books 🙂
    Thanks for joining, Mel, I’m now very exciting to start this challenge, now that I have a lot of friends to tackle those serious history books!


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