Grammarly: Easy Tool to Improve Your Writing Skills

I use Grammarly’s grammar check because it doesn’t complain on my bad grammar like an obnoxious English teacher! 😀

Instead, it offers corrections on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary usage, followed with explanations on why should the sentence be corrected.

Haven’t heard about Grammarly before?


Grammarly is an online spell and grammar checking application that helps users find and correct English writing issues. Not only proofreading capability, Grammarly also has plagiarism-detection function. And it’s easy to use!

To see how Grammarly works, take a look at the screenshots below:

grammarly screenshot-1

In the screenshot above I pasted a paragraph from my Fahrenheit 451 review into the Grammarly editor. Then I chose “Creative” from the available writing review modes.  After clicking “Start Review”, this is what I got:

grammarly screenshot-2

I also tried the Plagiarism checker on Grammarly, and the result was this:

grammarly screenshot-3

Well, that was just a first look on Grammarly. I used Grammarly to write my latest review, Matilda by Roald Dahl. I found it really helpful for improving my English writing skills, and especially user-friendly to non-native English writers like myself.

Did you know that Grammarly won the TopTenReviews Gold Award in the 2013 Best Online Grammar Checker Comparisons and Reviews?

To find out more about Grammarly you can visit their FAQ page HERE.

Sign up on Grammarly now to use a free 7-day trial!

P.S. Thanks to Nick Baron for letting me know about Grammarly.


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