Focus On: Book Blogs

Great post for book bloggers and book blogger-to-be!

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Who says the internet has destroyed books? With the proliferation of book blogs, bookworms are more influential (and social) than ever before. I’m a complete nerd for book blogs, and have tried book blogging myself…without much success. My mistake was I just posted a bunch of lengthy reviews of books I’d read, which I now realize weren’t very interesting to my readers unless they happened to have read those books themselves. Popular book bloggers do a lot more with their content, and here are some things I’ve since learned from them:

  • Blog about books everyone is reading now, or will be reading soon. More readers will take part in a conversation about a book they’re excited about, too.
  • Blog about books everyone has already read. Posts about books that you loved in childhood (or despised in high school) will reach a wide audience. Certain books – The Very…

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