Read This Before You Go On

Hello, I’m Melisa, I’d love to welcome you to my book blog.

You’re probably already aware that this is a bilingual blog. I write posts in Indonesian language and in English. You can browse my review posts through the A-Z Index Review page. After each link you can find these codes:

[in] –> written in the Indonesian language
[en] –> written in English
[bi] –> bilingual, written in Indonesian and English

For your convenience, now you can browse my posts that are written in English and posts that are written in the Indonesian language.

If you want to ask me anything, please do write to me by filling in the Contact Form on the About Me page. I would love to read and reply to your messages!

Updated: I rarely check emails from this blog anymore, so the fastest way to reach me would be through the social media buttons on the right sidebar, just below the search box.

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